Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



Quotations remain valid for seven (7) days from quotation date.

Unless a firm order is placed in writing, the Seller reserves the right to alter the price quoted in any given
quotation without prior notice.

Once the order is placed, prices quoted remain valid for 6 (six) months, after which the price
will be subject to increases communicated by the supplier from time to time. Materials and/or finishes
are also subject to availability as communicated by suppliers.


No orders will be processed by the Seller unless a deposit is paid by Buyer.


If the Buyer informs the Company that he is unable to accept delivery of Goods as per the
delivery date communicated to him, the Company shall charge a storage fee to the Buyer at €5.00 (EXC
VAT) per day per Sales Order.

The Seller will only give an approximate time of delivery to the Buyer. Variations in delivery times may
occur due to delivery planning constraints.

Our manufacturers will close for their annual shutdown periods during the full months of August and
December, therefore if your order is between these periods an additional 4(four) weeks will be added to
the delivery date.

The use of a lifter is required for deliveries above the GROUND FLOOR LEVEL and the cost of hiring

such equipment and any permits required will be at the BUYER’S expense.

Additional charges apply for certain services, such as hiring a lifter, removing an old mattress,

or carrying items up the stairs without utilizing a lifter.

If a customer requests the transportation of items without utilizing a lifter,

the customer must provide a well-founded rationale detailing their decision

to forgo the use of a lifter. Following this, the customer is required to furnish the operations

team with photographic or videographic evidence, allowing for a comprehensive assessment

of the situation and the associated risks. After mutual agreement, formal approval

will be granted. If deemed feasible, the operations team will augment the delivery crew with supplementary personnel.


If an order for any reason is canceled or an item needs to be changed and a new delivery is to be scheduled, a charge of Euro 35 + VAT will be affected.

The Buyer has the full responsibility to make sure that the site where the installation will be carried out
by the Seller, has no health and safety hazards. Any health and safety hazards are the responsibility of
the Buyer to be rectified according to the health and safety guidelines applied by local Maltese
authorities, before the delivery of the goods from the Seller.

In the case that the Buyer does not rectify the health and safety hazards, the Seller will have to cancel or
postpone the ongoing installations on the site. In such case, the Buyer has the right to rectify the hazard
immediately, but if the installations need to be postponed, a cancellation fee will be invoiced to the


We welcome the opportunity to investigate any concerns or complaints you have about our products (or
related services) and are committed to handling complaints fairly, thoroughly, and promptly.
All delivered goods are to be inspected by the Buyer upon delivery and any claims which might arise are to be
notified to the Installer on completion of installation through the Installation Completion Report provided by the
installer. No claims shall be accepted by the Company if not notified within 48 hours. If you have a further After
Sale matter, you should contact us via email at [email protected].

We assure you that we manage all complaints promptly, aiming to resolve them in a reasonable timeframe, as
determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature and complexity of the complaint.


We aim to offer our clients exactly what is ordered, but due to certain conditions, there may be variations between what
you see on our website and what you see in person. The fabric colours you see on our website can vary in person
due to the colour variations of each photograph and each computer screen. Multiple factors can affect colour display,
none of which we have any control over.