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Silver Up Jumpo Pad

Silver Up Jumpo Pad

Discover the Silver Up Mattress: Firm Support Meets Luxurious Comfort


When you first see the Silver Up mattress, you might think it's as soft as a cloud. However, its secret lies in its impressive firmness.

This firmness, combined with a perfectly designed pillow Top, allows you to experience ultimate relaxation and bliss while you sleep.

We often mention that sleeping on your stomach is considered the worst position for your spine as it can seriously harm spinal alignment. However, the Silver Up mattress is a safe option for stomach sleepers for the main reasons:

  1. The surface is extremely comfortable, providing a soft touch to the chest without compromising on support.
  2. The mattress's solid support base prevents your stomach from sinking in, maintaining proper spinal alignment.

The Silver Up is a brand-new mattress from Dreams, crafted for those who prioritize an anti-allergic sleep surface. It's designed with special materials that provide a clean and hypoallergenic cover, preventing any allergic reactions.

This hybrid mattress combines supportive foam and pocket springs to ensure a healthy sleep, day in and day out.

Visit our showroom to experience the mattress for yourself—your satisfaction is our top priority.

Price: €975.00 €682.50
Material: Pocket Spring
Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Length: 190cm
  • Width: 160cm
  • Height: 34cm

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Product Technical & Info

Silver-up Antibacterial Fabric

Siliconized Fiber

Non-Woven Quilted Foam
Comfort foam
Support foam

18cm Pocket Spring

Comfort Foam

5 years

  • Ergonomic support for head & neck
  • Temperature regulation
  • Prevents the growth of mold and mites
  • aiding in spinal alignment and reducing back pain
  • Minimizes motion disturbance

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